Wifi Only IPad

In January I purchased a new iPad. I had to give up my old iPad when I left my previous employer in December and frankly missed having the interface to support my paperless lifestyle. I wasn't interested in the new iPad Pro but wanted to get my hands on a iPad Air 2. Looking at the options I was able to find one on Gazelle that provided a significant discount over buying from Apple new. I made a decision when buying to not get the LTE version and just stick with Wifi. It was about $100 in savings, even on the second hand market. I have always had LTE iPad so I figured this would be a good experiment to see if I could survive without it.

I'm pleased to announce that my new iPad, sans LTE, has seamlessly integrated into my lifestyle. The big driver for this is the ease of connecting the iPad to my iPhone's hotspot. Thanks to iCloud and continuity I can pop this on very easily. It also seems to know when I'm not using the hotspot and disconnects it and turns off the hotspot on my phone. I had a meeting on Friday where I had turned it on, used for about 5 minutes and put my iPad back in my bag, forgetting to disconnect from the hotspot. Going back an hour later I expected my phone battery to be almost dead. To my joy the phone battery was fine and the hotspot was off.

Pro tip: I use a app called Launcher that lives in my notifications center. It provides shortcut access to apps, contacts and actions. It also allows you to add sections of the settings menu as a shortcut. I added the wifi section for wifi to my launcher bar in notifications center. Now when I need to get connected, I pull down the Notification Center, hit the wifi button in Launcher, authenticate with my fingerprint and now I'm into the wifi selection settings fast!!

Overall this is a great situation. If rumors are true about the "iPad Pro Mini) this month, I'll probably pick one up in similar fashion without the LTE.