Third Party Sport Bands for Apple Watch

I'm fascinated by the Apple Watch. It's really been an interesting experiment over the past couple of months in how a wearable device can impact, improve and simplify my daily life. An interesting component to the Apple Watch is the ability to dress it up or down depending on the band. I originally purchased my stainless steel Apple Watch with the Brown Leather Loop band. I figured I wanted to have a band for working out and dress down so I picked up a white sport band at the Apple Store. 

What I discovered after a few weeks was the sport band was my favorite. I like the leather loop but the sport band really clicked with me both for comfort and style. I started thinking about perhaps getting a couple more sport bands in other colors to mix it up a bit. The sport bands aren't super expensive but at $49 (USD) it's still an expense. I had also been reading about the third party manufacturers who were starting to roll out bands using the Apple design specifications and lugs. 

On Amazon I found a sport band that very closely resembled the Apple sport band in a variety of colors. It was prime so I knew that a return would be easy. I picked it up for $19.95 on Amazon. As I’m writing this the price has dropped to $17.99. 

Overall the look of the band was similar to the Apple Sport Band. The big difference was the material. The Apple Sport Band is made with an elastomer (synthetic rubber) material which is firmer than the silicone non-Apple band. Although similar in comfort because the silicone is more flexible, it wears differently than the Apple Sport Band. 

 Third Party Silicone Sport Band

Third Party Silicone Sport Band

I’m a few weeks into the off-market band and I find myself wearing the Apple Sport Band more than my off-market band. I’ve asked for another band for christmas and I’ve pointed my family towards the Apple version. I’m still interested in looking at other 3rd party bands however I think I’ve come to the conclusion that in the sport band series, the Apple product is superior.