Evernote Products Notebook

I have a lot of Evernote notebooks. One that I rely on almost weekly is my products notebook. I have a separate notebook that I record pictures, brand and store information for products that I buy everyday. Some examples of things in this notebook are

*Printer Toner
*Dog Shampoo
* Diapers
* Contact Solution
* Furnace Filters

This helps me remember the brand information on the products that we use. It also helps when I remember that I need to buy something and I'm already in the store and don't have the ability to consult the empty bottle or wrapper at home.

Usually I have a separate note for each product that includes a photo of the front/back of the label, a shot of the UPC code, and information on which store I've purchased from in the past. I'll also put information in the note such as location in the store like isle number or instructions to locate it. As a final note: I share this notebook with my wife. As we grow in Evernote together we will put more information in. Hopefully you will find this tip helpful.