Lighting and Micro USB Charging Cable

Here's the dilemma, I have several iOS devices that charge via a Apple Lighting style connector. I also have several devices that charge via a Micro USB platform. I'm conscious about space when I travel and don't like carrying around a lot of cables. I would prefer to just have a couple that would charge all my devices. There are times that I want to charge both my iPad and iPhone at the same time. You can see the issue here. Last month I discovered a really good solution that fixes this problem. Apple makes an adapter that goes from Micro USB to Lighting

   Link to Apple Micro USB-Lighting Adapter


Now I can carry a lighting cable and a Micro USB cable with the adapter on one end that can charge all my devices and keep me from having to carry too many extra cables. Just for the record the things that I charge with Micro USB are my iPad keyboard, Verizon hotspot and Monoprice backup battery.

Hopefully this will work well for you too.