iOS 7 First Glance

Big day for the Apple server farms. Millions of people downloaded the iOS7 update for their iDevices today including me. At first glance it's a pretty slick interface. I'm happy to see the Forstalish designs gone and what is left is very clean and well improved. I've also taken to twitter tonight to review a lot of the new features (rather than just discover them myself). One thing that many people aren't talking about but should be is spotlight.

Spotlight search has been a feature of iOS for several generations but with iOS 7 it got a huge facelift. Now you swipe down from the center of the home screen and just get a typing field at the top. It used to be a fairly light searching field however it's improved now with searching emails, including emails not in the inbox but in nested folders. Very slick. I'm also excited to see this now working as a light launcher such as Alfred or Launchbar on the Mac. You now have point and shoot access for apps, functions contacts and other text that appears across the device. I really hope this continues to improve as they open it up to developers.

So on the first night after spending about 2 hours with the new OS on my iPad and iPhone I'm happy with the results. More to come soon.