Tweetbot for Mac


I've been a Tweetbot for iOS user for over a year. I was originally turned on to it by Katie and David over at Mac Power Users. For my use it's an extremely powerful twitter client on both the iPhone and iPad. I suffered through their update on the iPhone which unfortunately was a paid update when iOS 7 came out however its a workhorse and I love the app. I was very happy when I opened up the Mac App Store yesterday and discovered that Tweetbot has an app now on the Mac platform. I've been underwhelmed by some of the other Mac Twitter clients. If you are using the Tweetbot app on your iOS device and like it, go ahead and purchase the Mac App Store version. It is an exact replication of the app on iOS. Better yet once you authenticate with Twitter (you can use multiple accounts as on iOS) and are logged into iCloud on your iOS device all your data syncs together. This includes your lists, saved searches and preferences. The only decisions you have to make on the iOS platform is to use location services etc via your Mac. Great job to the folks over at Tapbots. I highly recommend downloading this app for your Mac. For more information head on over to