Mavericks First Glance

Took some time over the weekend to download and install the new Apple operating system, Mavericks. Download and install time took about 45 minutes on my home internet (~25mbs). The install was seamless. So far I'm very underwhelmed with the OS. I'm really glad that Apple decided not to charge for this update. Big pieces were the addition of maps and iBooks to the OS. There are some additional notification options which are nice. I'm liking the LinkedIn integration. I'm already able to update contact information through LinkedIn through Cobook (requires a hack - not off the shelf) and it's a nice option to share through LI from Safari. Safari did get an update however it was updated through the app store before the Mavericks update. First glance Mavericks is a meh for me. I'll get more into it this week as I'll hook up to an external monitor in my office tomorrow. I hear that's where the magic begins.